Jessica Alba Ready To Be A Super-Mommy In 'Fantastic Four 3’

Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba in 'Fantastic Four 2'As anyone knows, trying to engage an expectant parent-to-be in a conversation about anything other than their kid is like boxing a glacier. Good luck getting them to mention anything else.

So it is with Jessica Alba, the sexy 26-year-old star of the "Fantastic Four" flicks. A month after chatting us up at Comic-Con, Alba's still pregnant with anticipation for little Franklin Richards to appear in the next installment of the superhero franchise.

"I think the next thing we have to go through is having a baby. That's what happens next," Alba reiterated to MTV News last week. "Franklin comes along and the Fantastic Four have to deal with this powerful new child." And here we wanted to talk about Namor. (No, really. We asked. Don't you think the last flick set him up?)

But no matter who appears in FF3, it'll be a long time coming, said Alba. "There a potential strike happening so everyone's freaking out - they're cramming movies in," she contended. "I'm not sure if ["FF3"] is one of those movies you can really cram."

Ok, everything's fair game. Given the first two movies, what characters would you like to see in "FF3," villain or otherwise? Sound off below.