Comic-Con: J.J. Abrams' Secret Project And 'The Dark Knight' Go Guerilla With Marketing Tactics

WatchmenWalking the crowded halls of Comic-Con, every few steps you are as likely to bump into hairy men with "300" costumes exposing their gorilla-like bodies, as you are to hit corporate marketing that brings the other "guerrilla" to mind.

During the headline-making Paramount panel on Thursday, thousands received gray T-shirts with a cartoon logo and the word "Slusho!" on the front. Looking like some kind of hybrid between Matt Groening and John Kricfalusi, the logo is accompanied by the slogan "You Can't Drink Just Six" on the back. Any idea what this means?

Well, as it turns out, it's an ad for "Cloverfield," a.k.a. "Monstrous," a.k.a. the mysterious flick that producer J.J. Abrams will only call "This Film."

A search on the motto yields pages like this one, which claim that the "Lost" creator has been placing references to the Squishee-like frozen treat ever since an October 2001 "Alias" episode. Apparently, on 1-18-08 Abrams is making plans to put us all on ice.

The biggest score, however, might be the mysterious dollar bills that keep appearing in various San Diego locations where people congregate. You read that right: Cold, hard, real $1 bills have been materializing on floors in public areas, and once you pick one up, the mystery begins.

The face of our nation's founder has, at first glance, been tarnished with magic marker. But rub your fingers over the surface and you can tell that a partially transparent sticker has been placed over George Washington, giving him the appearance of evil black-and-blue eyes and a demented lipstick grin. Below the picture, the words "One Dollar" have been replaced with "Why So Serious?" The bill is of course an early promotion for "The Dark Knight."

So what do you think of these guerrilla marketing tactics? Does it make you want to see these movies any more than you already would?