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Waka Flocka's First (And Probably Last) Stint As A TV Weatherman Was Not Very Informative

But it was funny.

Waka Flocka is many things: A rapper; a tall guy with a warming smile; a 29-year-old who's angry with his label; a dude who's about to drop Flockaveli 2.

One thing he is not: A weatherman.

We found this out on Monday night, when Waka had a guest spot on News19 WLTX in Columbia, South Carolina, promoting a concert he was doing to raise money for victims of the floods.

That's an admirable move. As is trying something that you haven't before, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into a new territory, which is what Waka did here. But for anyone who was looking for some advice on what to wear before heading out for the night -- sorry, Flocka only offered you references to his three biggest hits.

Here's to hoping he's on breaking news duty next.