Sweat Out Your Political Fever With Our GOP Debate Workout

Because nothing gets your heart rate up like a stage full of politicians.

Since there's been like a million (read: 17) debates scheduled prior to the 2016 primaries, it might be getting hard to budget your time. You want to be part of #DebateTwitter, but you still need to time to fold your laundry, scroll through Instagram while on the toilet or go to the gym. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

We're all about solutions here, and wanted to create a foolproof, vaguely sporty answer to your pre-debate prayers: This nifty workout plan will let you follow along and live your best #FitLyfe at the same time.

So grab a green juice and your most patriotic gym gear and let us be your workout buddy for this debate (and by workout buddy, we mean live-tweeting-from-the-couch buddy).

Are you sweating along with us tonight? We want to see your moves! @ us your stuff on Twitter or Instagram using #MTVFitDebate

Richard Simmons/MTV