Caitlyn Jenner's Woman Of The Year Speech Was An Inspiration

'I have so much to learn.'

Last night (Nov. 9), Caitlyn Jenner scored yet another item on her resume of awesome achievements, as one of the honorees at Glamour's Women of the Year ceremony.

Jenner received recognition for her work in transgender advocacy and awareness, and her acceptance speech was full of powerful, moving moments. Below, we've rounded up the highlights. (You can read the speech in full here.)

On the athletic demands of couture:

Well let me first say, getting up those stairs in this dress is more difficult than hurdling.

On the universality of transgender issues:

We are constantly learning, growing as human beings, learning about ourselves. But there is a segment of this population, when it comes to gender, there is massive confusion, deep down inside. It has caused problems throughout the world—because this is an issue about humanity, it doesn't have borders.

On the journey that began after her transition:

[All] of a sudden all these new questions came into my life. People going: What's your style? What are you going to wear? Who are your heroes? Are you a feminist? All these questions, and I said, oh my god, I have so much to learn.

On her sense of purpose:

Maybe this is why God put me on this earth—to tell my story, to be authentic to myself about who I am. And maybe in doing that, maybe you can make a difference in the world. What a great opportunity in life to have. So few of us ever get to have that opportunity.

On being a Woman of the Year honoree:

I never in a million years ever thought I would be here—and I bet you never thought I would either! But here I am, alive and well.