'Off The Bat' Sneak Peek: Who's Up For A Dirty Game Of Splash Pong?


Chris Archer, Chris Distefano, David Price and Melanie Iglesias.

One characteristic all professional athletes share is a competitive spirit, and in this sneak peek of tonight's "Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave," hosts Chris Distefano and Melanie Iglesias test two baseball stars' willingness to win. When the gloves are off, and there's no bat in sight, do they still have what it takes to step up to the plate?

In the video below, Tampa Bay Rays players David Price and Chris Archer are invited to a fun game of splash pong. "We're going to get dirty, we're going to messy," Chris D forewarns the crew of their challenge, which sees Solo cups swapped out for big buckets filled with random pantry items like milk and pasta.

The foursome splits up into teams of two, with David and Mel on one side and Chris D and Chris A (a.k.a. Team Chris-squared) on the other. Their ultimate goal? Get their balls in the buckets...and get their opponents really filthy.

Both David and Mel misfire on their first tries, but when Chris D (a former Division 3 basketball player) takes his shot, he scores, making Mel the game's first victim. And, sadly, there's nothing in the "Guy Code" handbook about giving the lone girl in the game a pass. Hope you like spaghetti, lady!

Check out the clip to see who wins, and watch more "Off the Bat" fun tonight at 11/10c on MTV2!

Photo: Brittany Travis/ MTV2