'Faking It' Poll: Is Karma And Amy's Lesbian Charade A Recipe For Disaster?


In a city that's as liberal as Austin, Texas, you can be anyone you want to be: a chess club enthusiast, a tri-sport athlete or, in the case of Amy and Karma of "Faking It," you can be a counterfeit lesbian. Like many teenagers, the BFFs have always felt like they've blended into their high school's walls, and Karma wasn't ever sure she'd be noticed. However, things took quite a fortuitous turn one night at an exclusive house party, and suddenly, the girls were thrust into the spotlight.

When Shane, the school's openly gay BMOC, felt an itch to add some lesbian friends to his crew, he zeroed in on Amy and Karma, whose closeness had him convinced they were a couple. Both initially denied his insistence that they were gay, but when Shane's public "outing" of the ladies gave them instant popularity, Karma wanted to play along. Amy, on the other hand, was comfortable remaining in the shadows, but when she saw how happy her pal was atop the social totem pole, she agreed to stick with the ruse. So everything's coming up roses, right?

Not so much. There are still a few potential disasters on the path to happiness. First, Amy's arch-enemy, Lauren, knows her secret, and has already proven she's willing to expose the BFFs as liars. Next, Karma has the hots for tortured artist Liam, and her infatuation has the potential to knock her completely out of character. Finally, AMY AND KARMA ARE NOT REALLY A COUPLE...though their kiss-for-show seemed like it might have actually meant something to Amy. Oh, yes, it's complicated.

It remains to be seen whether these two can really pull off their new-age high school stunt, but something tells us they're destined for disaster. What do you think?

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