'Teen Mom 2 Reunion' Spotlight: Leah And Jeremy Discuss Paying The Bills And Having More Babies


It was only little more than a year ago that "Teen Mom 2"'s Leah and Jeremy welcomed their precious daughter, Adalynn, into the world, and while the baby was a joyful addition to the family, which already includes twin sisters Aleeah and Aliannah, the married couple's relationship took a hit as Leah struggled to care for three children while Jeremy worked out of state.

During Tuesday night's "Teen Mom 2 Reunion, Part 1," Jeremy shared some encouraging news: He's come around to his wife's views on counseling, and is actually giving it a shot with her. Things are looking up for them in terms of communication, though he still feels quite a bit of pressure to bring home the bacon, so to speak. (Too soon, Leah?)

"No one's just gonna sit there and hand you a paycheck for sitting on your ass," Jeremy tells Dr. Drew in the clip below when asked why he works so hard. "If you want anything in life, you're gonna go work for it."

Dr. Drew is sympathetic to the stress Jeremy's under, but presses him to consider that his marriage is suffering as a result -- especially since the couple is planning on having at least one more kid. The timing? "Not tomorrow," Jeremy assures the doc.

Check out the video: