'Jobs That Don't Suck' Sneak Peek: How MGK's Manager Faked Her Way Into Getting The Gig


We're just a day away from the "Jobs That Don't Suck" premiere, a new MTV2 series in which lucky people share how they got their too-good-to-be-true gigs, and in this sneak peek of the first episode, a former accounting major reveals how she went from crunching numbers to representing a rapper overnight. See? ANYTHING is possible.

In the video, Ashleigh Veverka says she was working the check-in booth at a music seminar where a relatively unknown Machine Gun Kelly was performing, when suddenly music execs began asking her about the rising star. Ashleigh had no clue who he was, but that didn't stop her from talking the talk -- which eventually led to her walking the walk. (That, friends, is what you call chutzpah!)

The next day, MGK called Ash up from his sucky day job -- CHIPOTLE -- thinking she was a label exec, and hired her as his new manager. They've been a match made in music heaven ever since!

Check out the clip for a glimpse into Ashleigh's daily duties, which include setting up groupie "meet-n-greets," and don't forget to tune in to the premiere of "Jobs That Don't Suck" Wednesday night at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!