Ashleigh Won't Let Dre Off The Hook For Taking Simone To Pound Town [Video]


Dre and Ashleigh may have forged a strong connection in the "Are You the One?" house, but they're no fools, and when the Truth Booth denied them as a perfect match, they still set out to win the game's big money. In Ashleigh's eyes, this didn't mean the couple would genuinely seek romance outside of each other, but Dre felt differently, and on tonight's "Aftermatch" reunion special, it was revealed that he and Simone had sex following the final Match Up ceremony. Naturally, a good bit of arguing ensued.

Ashleigh, who only found out about the tryst shortly before the reunion was filmed, explained to us during a recent interview that Dre's indiscretion hurt mostly because she had to yank the confession out of him. "He was like, 'Yeah, but it's not what you think,' and I was like, 'That's f***ed up,'" Ashleigh criticized. "I thought it was really f***ed up."

Dre argued that since he and Ashleigh weren't in a definite relationship, he wasn't necessarily obligated to tell her about his trip to Pound Town, but Ashleigh wouldn't relent. "Even in the real world, if we were talking and we hooked up, and then you hooked up with someone I know...even if we weren't living in the same house, you still should let that person know," she told him.

Dre said he apologized for not speaking up, but it certainly seemed as if Ashleigh hadn't yet forgiven or forgotten. Watch our interview with the two for more, as well as tonight's reunion shocker.