Farrah Abraham’s ‘Blowin’ Video: A Shareable, Lyric-By-Lyric Guide

Farrah Abraham is once again “blowin” up all over the Internet. The good news? It has nothing to do with a sex tape. The bad news? She’s still not getting any love from the public. Like, any. Yesterday, the former “Teen Mom” cast member released a music video for her new single, “Blowin,” to not-so-stellar reviews; however, the frequency by which the You Tube link was passed around was incredibly impressive. The girl certainly has a way of keeping herself relevant!

Much of the chatter around Farrah’s video was focused on its imagery (shots include the single mom — clad in a billowy, ethereal dress — holding her daughter Sophia in the park and snappin’ selfies with fans at the club), as well as the self-written lyrics, so we’ve taken the liberty of creating a shareable, frame-by-frame presentation that combines both. Behold, Farrah Abraham’s “Blowin” in pictures.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.