'Void Dylan' Leaves The 'Teen Wolf' Set In Shambles [Video]


If you thought the Nogitsune-possessed Stiles was terrifying, you clearly haven't met the "Teen Wolf" character's real-life equivalent, "Void Dylan." Equally as hostile as his fictional counterpart, the actor does what he wants, when he wants, and in this clip from the latest "After After Show," he gives the show's set the Naomi Campbell treatment between takes. We'd tell him to mind his manners but, truthfully, we're afraid of what he'd do to us...

Tyler Posey laments the recent nosedive his buddy has taken in the video as Dylan stumbles around set, slandering random crew members and asking who wants his autograph to no one in particular. "Dylan and I used to be, like, really good friends," he says. "And ever since he became void, he's just not the same." Void Dylan answers TyPo's claim by knocking the water bottle out of his hand and reducing his former pal to tears. That's just his warmup, though, and when a PA summons him to set, she's lucky to get out alive.

Brace yourself for some serious diva behavior, and if you see Void Dylan coming your way, RUN FOR COVER!