The Best Facial Expressions -- In GIFs! -- From The New 'Challenge: Free Agents' Trailer


CT's new scruff adds depth to his game face.

Silver is the traditional gift for a 25th anniversary, but in the "Challenge" world, competitors will have only blood, sweat and tears to offer the series' gods. On Thursday, April 10 at 10/9c, the game that has made champions out of rookies and veterans alike is cutting its players loose for the first time since "Duel II," and in "Free Agents," it's every man for himself. Consider all potential alliances unglued.

The show, which will bring 28 old and new faces to Uruguay, will include a variety of solo, paired and team challenges, but once TJ crowns each game's winners, anyone who doesn't hold a blue ribbon is eligible for elimination. The day's champs will pick one man and one woman to enter the last-chance battle, but the rest is up to The Draw, where two of the day's losers will be tossed to the wolves by a totally random selection. Yup, this time around, a second-place finish could be just as dangerous as coming in dead last.

The game will be whittled down to the toughest -- and luckiest -- players on the field, who will give it all they've got for their share of $350,000. Watch the trailer, and get a load of the cast's best facial GIFs!


Looks like Hurricane Nia's getting a taste of her own medicine.


Theresa and Laurel mentally prepare for what's ahead.


Is that Zach stuck in...Saran Wrap?


Something's got Aneesa a bit spooked.


Someone should have told Jessica not to look down.


Chet the Gladiator!