Eight Amazing -- And Handmade! -- 'Teen Wolf'-Inspired Items On Etsy


By Leslie Simon

Think you’re the biggest "Teen Wolf" devotee this side of Beacon Hills? Then you better save your pennies so you can add the following fan collectibles to your bedroom shrine.

1. “Sarcasm Is My Only Defense” Jelly Bracelets (TheGeekStudio, $5.57/each): Finally! A wearable, silicone version of our favorite Stiles mantra and meme.


2. Werewolf Charm Bracelet (WitchcraftsGifts, $31): Each bracelet varies slightly -- since they're made by hand and all -- but expect a variety of silver-plated and pewter charms. Designs include everything from bows and arrows to fangs and Triskeles. Speaking of which...

3. Triskele Symbol Phone Case (iMakeTheCase, $23): Not only are these cases badass, but by being made of bamboo, they’re also eco-friendly.

4. Scott McCall Throw Pillow (telahmarie, $30): Now’s the time to snuggle up to your very own, made-to-order plush version of Scott. Heaven.

5. Allison Argent Composition Notebook (DidAVerseEnd, $10): Whether you’re taking notes in English lit or writing your own "Teen Wolf" fanfic, this customized notebook is a great way to pay homage to the beautiful huntress.

6. Sterek Hand-Painted Converse Shoes (CoraHandPainted, $82.99): Are you a Sterek supporter? Then you definitely need to sport these one-of-a-kind high-tops, which feature a caricature of the inspired fantasy romance.

7. Derek Hale Custom Figure (Ubatuber, $200): If you’re an action-figure collector with money to burn, then you’ve gotta pick up this (almost creepy) lifelike figure of the handsome Alpha.

8. Typography Beach Anchor Poster Print (GeekChicPrints, $13): Keep calm and be your own anchor, right? Truer words were never spoken. You can always count on Mrs. McCall to keep it real.

GIF: celebquote.com