Jenelle Evans Defends Her Decision To Have Another Baby: 'It Was The Right Time'


The last time we checked, 87 percent of "Teen Mom 2" viewers thought Jenelle should have waited longer to move in with her boyfriend of two months, Nathan, so we imagine you didn't approve when the couple announced their decision to have a baby during tonight's episode. It was certainly a surprising twist to her already windy path, but Jenelle has never been one to play it safe or plan out her life based on other people's opinions. In the episode, she met resistance to the idea of getting pregnant again from both her friend Tori and mother Barbara, but at that point, her and Nathan's minds were set. So why the rush? Well, to them, the timing actually couldn't have been better.

"Jace is getting older -- he's gonna be almost five -- so, it's like, I don't want him to be so separated from his siblings," Jenelle explains in the first "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" clip below, to which Nathan adds, "We couldn't get married, because you were still married to [Courtland], but the next step was to have a child and a family of our own."


The pair has faced loads of judgment since Jenelle announced her successful pregnancy back in December (after Season 5 filming of "Teen Mom 2" had wrapped), but they're not phased by the criticism. "We know we can do this," Jenelle says in the second video. "Everyone thinks that, 'Oh, well, they both don't have custody of their children'...well, it doesn't matter. We both know we didn't really get the opportunity to even try to raise our children to prove to people that we could."

Both Jenelle and Nathan swear they are ready to be "financially stable" and "emotionally supportive" parents, and Jenelle can't keep from gushing about what a good dad she knows Nathan will be to their child. "I see you there with your daughter, physically helping your mom getting her dressed, getting her ready to go swimming and stuff like that," she tells Nathan, commending him for playing an active role in Emery's life despite his lack of legal custody. But apparently it was Nathan's natural connection with Jace that removed any and all doubts about her boyfriend's fatherhood potential. "Immediately you were fine with him," she says. "You weren't really standoffish, like most guys are."

+ Check out the clips to hear more from Jenelle and Nathan about their decision to have a baby, then share your reactions in the comments.

Photos: Michelle Crowe

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