Kailyn Reflects On How Much Calmer She's Become Since Last Season Of 'Teen Mom 2' [Video]


While filming the current season of "Teen Mom 2," Kailyn Lowry was planning a wedding, fighting her ex in court over custody issues and pregnant with her second child, but despite all that she had on her plate, the newlywed says she was still much more relaxed than she'd been during the previous season, when the show documented her getting into a physical altercation with her then-boyfriend, Javi. The soft-hearted Airman forgave Kail for losing her temper, of course -- today the two are happily married -- but she made a vow at the time to turn over a new leaf and sort out her anger issues, and in the "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" clips below, both she and Javi discuss how much she's changed in a short period of time.

"It's an uphill battle, but I'm definitely working on it," Kail says of her struggle to contain her bouts of anxiety. During tonight's episode, she readied herself to hear Jo's lawyer use her emotional weakness against her in court, as it's been Jo's only line of defense in the past, according to the couple. "I kind of feel like that's all he has to use against you," Javi reasons. Regardless, Jo's accusations didn't fly with the judge, and Kail's past luckily had no effect on the case.

Kail is clearly in a better place nowadays, as her husband attests to with a huge grin on his face. "It's just the way you talk and the way you approach things now; it's completely different, and I'm proud of you," Javi tells her, to which she responds, "Okay, let's not get emotional here." Touché.

Check out the two videos below to hear more from Kail and Javi on their custody case with Jo, as well as how co-parenting has affected Isaac.