'Teen Wolf' Poll: Is Stiles The One Controlling William Barrow?


Though he has no supernatural powers to contribute to Scott's makeshift pack, amateur detective Stiles Stilinski has proven himself a worthy ally countless times. In fact, during last week's episode, it was his and Lydia's chem classroom discovery that helped the group realize Kira was William Barrow's target. Tonight, however, the sidekick's sleuthing skills led to a rather troublesome discovery: He may be dangerous himself.

When Stiles found a mysterious key on his key chain, its origin plagued him throughout the episode. It wasn't until he got to chatting and making out with Kaitlyn -- the girl who happened to date the very first Darach victim -- at the black light party that he got a big clue as to what the key might unlock. Kaitlyn noticed a phosphorous fingerprint glowing on Stiles' key, and when he asked where it could have come from, she said that any chemical use could have been the culprit. Despite wanting to stay and make out with his new, science-smart lady friend, the light bulb in his brain was glowing too brightly, and he had to find out if his suspicions were correct. After Stiles made a beeline for the chemistry classroom, successfully opened the door with his key and copied over the atomic numbers for potassium, iodine and radium, he realized that it was he who left Kira's name for Barrow to discover. How's THAT for a post-makeout buzz kill?

"Not only did someone help set [Barrow] loose, but he's a pawn in their little game," Scott's dad warned earlier in the episode. "A mass-murderer is bad enough. A mass-murderer being controlled by someone? Far worse."

So, does the handwriting clue mean Stiles -- whether he's aware of it or not -- is the one controlling Barrow? Or is he just another pawn in a far more dangerous person's game? Take the poll!

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