Is Tyler Posey Going To Play Keytar For A Band Called Death! Death! Die!?


Jason Ellis interviews Tyler Posey on SiriusXM.

You might not know the music of Death! Death! Die! yet, "Teen Wolf" fans, but you may want to acquaint yourselves with it, as the band could be welcoming a certain Alpha into the fold fairly soon. The group is led by Aussie pro-skater Jason Ellis, who also happens to have a SiriusXM radio show that Tyler Posey went on earlier this week.

After spending two hours shooting the shiz during the interview, Ellis Instagrammed the above photo of TyPo and himself in the studio, writing that Tyler will be joining Death! Death! Die! as a keytar player, and that he and the rest of his band mates were pumped about the new addition. At first we thought it sounded too silly to be true (seriously, who's picked up a KEYTAR since the '80s?), but considering the fact that TyPo hasn't been able to fill the void left by Lost In Kostko's breakup, and that Jason Ellis sorta confirmed it to a fan on Twitter, we could totally see this being the real deal, folks!

Later, Tyler shared the same photo on Twitter, saying, "Me and Jason Ellis. Can't wait for our first band practice!" All signs point to yes on this one, so we suggest you start checking out their sound, stat. (We'd embed one of their videos, but their stuff is pretty NSFW!)

Photo: @wolfmate on Instagram