How Chris Brown, Kimye And More Celebs Can Better Themselves In 2014


It's not for us to say who was naughty and who was nice in 2013 -- that's Santa's deal -- but no matter how you behaved this past year, there's always room for improvement, right? You know it! Yet while most of us regular folk are open to the occasional self-help bestseller, morning meditation or calming scalp treatment, and constantly exposed to motivational memes and inspirational Upworthy videos (the one with the 5-year-old and his pet turtle comforting the homeless crack addict really will make you rethink your life!), famous people sometimes need a more personalized reminder that they're a work in progress. Hence, the video below, featuring Jamie Lee of MTV's "Girl Code" doling out New Year's resolutions for some of today's biggest celebs.

Attention, Chris Brown: Life ain't so bad, sit back and smell the roses! Hey you, Taylor Swift: 2014 wants a scandal! Yo, Rihanna: Care to take a selfie sabbatical? Jamie's not bein' judgy; she just wants to help. So check out her empowering suggestions for these stars and more: