Travis Pastrana Holds A 'Nitro Circus Live' Contest In His Own Backyard [Sneak Peek]


The "Nitro Circus Live" athletes proved they're always game for testing out other cultures' traditions when they drank snake's blood in China, but their return to American soil might throw them for a bit of a loop. In this sneak peek of tonight's episode, big dog Travis Pastrana holds a stunt-off at his home in Maryland, and his high standards for scoring leave the guys stumped over how to snag any points.

In the clip below, Travis introduces the first event in his Pastranaland contest, Semi-Big Air, by saying it's "bigger than any big air that's ever been done." To help ease the guys' minds, Jim DeChamp gives them a pep talk. "Try to think outside of the box," he says before explaining the scoring system, which involves the substitution of a symbolic pussycat picture for a low number if you really suck. Ouch!

Coming up with a trick that'll blow Travis away is not easy, and Dusty Wygle's feeling the heat. "It has to have some sort of spin in it, even though no one's really ever done it," he says. Welp, have fun trying to wygle yourself out of this one, pal.

Check out the video, and don't miss an all-new "Nitro Circus Live" Tuesday night at 11/10c on MTV2.