'Crazy Beautiful' House Rules: Mom's Always Just A Phone Call Away [Video]

Ke$ha’s life on the road is pretty crazy, but the ship runs a bit more tightly back in Nashville with her family. Kind of. After each week’s episode, we’re putting the spotlight on one of the Seberts’ nontraditional house rules — take a look at the latest, and tell us if you could hack it in their home.


When you're a kid who's got the sniffles, you can always count on your mom to get you back on your feet. In the Sebert household, if you're a world-famous pop star who's on tour in another country, same rules apply. On tonight's “My Crazy Beautiful Life,” Ke$ha came down with a nasty throat cold that had the potential to knock her off her game, but as soon as Pebe heard her baby was sick, she jumped on the first flight to Europe to tend to her little girl.

Though Ke$ha fought with her mother over her hoarding habits back in Nashville, Pebe didn't think twice about dropping everything to rush to her daughter's side the minute Ke$ha's assistant phoned home. In this clip from the episode, Pebe comes to the rescue armed with healing jewelry and Chinese herbs, and it turns out that she -- along with her reliably wacky affirmations -- were just what the doctor ordered. Though Ke$ha said she wasn't physically cured by her mother's methods, Pebe's presence gave her the strength to rally and perform for her fans, regardless.

Later, to thank her mother, Ke$ha set up a meeting with Pebe's Hungarian family, whom they had never met, and the experience brought the pseudo-medical expert to tears. What goes around, folks...