'Generation Cryo' Poll: Is It Immoral For Donor #1096's Kids To Search For Him?


The kids of "Generation Cryo" are all in this thing together...right?

On tonight's episode, while Breeanna was in Boston visiting her half-brother, Jesse, the two had breakfast with Julian, a third sibling, and as soon as their donor came up in conversation, Bree and Julian went to battle over his rights. With a family tree that includes more than a dozen half-brothers and sisters, the topic of #1096 is bound to draw some dissenting opinion, but Bree and Julian were completely at odds over whether it's moral to search for their biological father.

When Julian explained that he sent #1096 a letter through the cryo bank after turning 18 but never heard back, he took it as confirmation that the man had no desire to contact his offspring, and added that any further effort to try and meet him would be wrong. Bree, who began to get heated, didn't see the situation in such black and white terms, and said anyone responsible for the birth of so many shouldn't be surprised that his children might want more from him than just his DNA.

"It's insane to me, to think that you would just, like, jack off into a cup and not expect anything of it at all," she said.

Once they said goodbye to Julian, Jesse, who stayed pretty mum through the conversation, admitted he sided with Bree's point: When you're bringing human beings into the world, things get complicated. So, do you agree with Bree, too? Or are you more on board with Julian, and think the kids should stay out of their biological father's business? Take our poll, and sound off in the comments!

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