Meet The Many Half-Siblings Of 'Generation Cryo'


Some people call their fathers "dad," others call them "pop." Breeanna, a high school student, refers to her biological father as Donor #1096. Having grown up with two mothers, all the 17-year-old knows about her direct male predecessor is that his sperm sample brought her to life, and on "Generation Cryo," she'll find that it brought at least 15 other half-siblings into the world, as well. That's one hell of a kids' table at holiday gatherings...

When the series kicks off Monday, November 25 at 10/9c, Bree will travel across the country to get to know the brothers and sisters with whom she's never shared a bathroom or argued in the backseat of a minivan, and try to track down their shared donor. Take a look at Bree's modern family below, and share your initial thoughts on her journey!


Jonah and Hilit -- Unlike Bree, these two have already been introduced to some of their half-siblings. The 17-year-olds have been raised in a Jewish household outside of Atlanta, and when Bree meets them for the first time, she'll find that they have no interest in coming face-to-face with their biological father. To them, the male head of their household suffices, and then some.


Jayme and Jesse -- These twins have never known a father figure -- they were raised by their single mother in California and have always wondered what their biological dad was like. Now that they've turned 18, they're committed to finding him, and are prepared to send a request to the California Cryobank to arrange contact.


Will, Molly and Paige -- The three siblings from Boston have a solid connection with the father who's raised them. They've never had any interest in getting to know their donor, but once they sense Bree's excitement, they can't help but lend a hand. Still, twins Paige and Molly who, at 20, are the donor's oldest children, have misgivings about Bree's quest, and worry she may be headed down a dead end.


Jesse -- As a child conceived through sperm donation, Jesse has sometimes struggled to understand his place in his family, and it certainly doesn't help that his father, who was originally thought to be infertile, naturally created a baby with Jesse's mother three years after Jesse's birth. While some of Bree's other half-siblings aim to help her on her journey, Bree views Jesse as someone she can help, and hopes that she can see him through the process of coming to terms with his identity.

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