Snooki Reflects On Her 'Jersey Shore' Past, Shudders At The Memory Of Not Showering [Video]


It wasn't very long ago that Nicole Polizzi got cuffed and stuffed into a Seaside Heights police car for disturbing the peace while publicly intoxicated, her battle cry a simple "I'm a good person!" But to watch tonight's season premiere of "Snooki & JWOWW," you'd think it was all a bad/awesome dream. Over the past year, Nicole has come into her own as a loving mom and doting fiancé, and there's little trace left of that poufy, pickle-obsessed "Jersey Shore" star.

In the "Snooki & JWOWW After Show" below, Snooks sips some tea in the quiet of her best friend Jenni's kitchen as the two reminisce on their days as America's most famous girls gone wild. No longer tempted by the idea of clubbing 'til dawn, they were both excited to spend this past summer in Seaside as grown-ass women instead of party girls. However, Jenni admits she missed having Nicole wake up by her feet...even if that never happened until midday.

"I used to remember you waking up at 3 in the afternoon, and I had to dropkick you out [of bed] to take a shower," she tells Snooks, who shudders at the thought. "I never showered, I was a f**king slob. I smelled so bad, like alcohol and beer."

These days, Nicole smells really nice, and she could pass for Ginger Rogers while gliding across the "Dancing with the Stars" floor. Times have certainly changed, but then again, they also have not. Check out the full after show to hear the ladies chat about Jenni's ongoing push/pull relationship with Roger, as well as her dogs' special treatment, which includes car seat belts and a cantaloupe diet.

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