Johnny Knoxville Shames His Assistant For Poor Nut-Kicking Aim [Video]


Johnny Knoxville grabs his nuts while showing off his wound. Typical.

Johnny Knoxville went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night to promote his new film, "Bad Grandpa," but the MTV show that originally made him famous crept its way into the conversation. When Jimmy showed the audience a Twitter pic of the "Jackass" mascot's bruised inner thigh, Johnny shared a story that proved he's yet to enter the phase of life commonly known as adulthood. Steve-O, you are not alone.

"I was shooting something, and I ask my assistant, 'Can you just bring a variety of shoes because I need you to kick me in the nuts,'" he explains in the clip below. Seems like a reasonable request when your boss is Johnny Knoxville, right? Unfortunately, though, his assistant, Angela, didn't exactly have the aim of Katniss Everdeen. "It took 16 takes," he says, comparing her to former NFL player Scott Norwood, who infamously missed a kick in the 1991 Super Bowl. Just be thankful your assistant wasn't Lady Gaga, J -- her shoes would've left permanent damage.

Check out the full interview:

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Photo: @realjknoxville