Caught On GIF! 'Catfish' Heather Makes A Desperate Plea For Michael's Love


Catfish Heather rolls up to the park.

There's love, there's infatuation and then...there's Heather. The season finale's "Catfish" wasn't unfamiliar with online-scheming -- she'd actually already duped Michael as part of a plan to out her friend's significant other as a cheater. As her story went, Michael gave Heather the cold shoulder after she came clean, so she swore to make a fool of him for a second time. The plan backfired, though, and she fell in love with him.

Michael, Nev and Max were all blown away by the intensity of the feelings Heather voiced for Michael; she had even went as far as to lie about having cancer to elicit his sympathy. After some heavy discussion, Heather ultimately came to terms with the fact that Michael had no interest in seeing her again, but in the moment, the rejection had a serious effect on her. Take a look at the final Season 2 "Catfish" reveal in GIFs!


Mike confirms she's already duped him once before.


Heather's guilt floods out as soon as she says hello.


She tries to explain herself, but just digs the hole deeper.


Michael's shocked by Heather's words.


Heather makes one last plea for Michael's understanding.

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