'Catfish' Poll: Did Derek Make The Right Choice By Letting Chasity Go?


To be called trustworthy is a compliment, but sadly, that quality only earned divorced dad Derek heartbreak on tonight's "Catfish." After being cheated on and dumped in the past, Derek bet all his chips on "Kristen," a babysitter from Florida he met on Facebook and with whom he connected over a love of children. But when it finally came time to meet in person, she turned out to be a woman named Chasity who admitted to faking a profile so she could keep tabs on her ex. Derek was devastated and ultimately parted ways with Chasity, but since he did feel a temporary connection with the mother of two, was calling it quits the right decision?

As soon as Nev and Max took on the case of "Kristen Whoo," it was painfully evident the woman was a fraud: She'd used three different profile photos on her Facebook account, her number was registered in Michigan, not Florida, and her Facebook page's URL included the name "Tricia Waurd." The guys were shocked that Derek overlooked such glaring inconsistencies, but appreciated that it was in the name of finding true love. Despite one date with Chasity, Derek ended up staying single and he committed to finding his next crush exclusively IRL.

Tell us what you think: Did Derek make the right choice in letting Chasity go? Take the poll!

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