10 'Code'-Approved (But Sort Of Embarrassing) Reasons Why It's Good To Be A Girl


Listen up, followers of "Girl Code." For all the things that suck about having girl parts (thong underwear, Aunt Flo, unrealistic standards of beauty), there are some aspects of ladyhood we wouldn't trade for all the tips in Texas. Check out our 10 favorite things about being born female (hint: it's not the bathroom lines), then tell us what makes you proud to be a woman of the world.


Chick Lit. While devouring "Bridget Jones's Diary" on the train might not land us points with the Mensa member beside us, it's the perfect palette cleanser for we gals with eclectic literary tastes. A little tip: Make sure to alternate your smart and shallow reads. If you find yourself quoting "The Devil Wears Prada" like it's Proust, you've (probably) gone too far.


Velour Tracksuits. We share a dream with George Costanza, and that dream involves draping ourselves in sweet, sweet velvet. Soft, warm and fuzzy, velour tracksuits are so comfortable, you'll likely forget why you ever wear real clothes at all! But it's a slippery slope. Wearing boy-repellent sleepwear in the comfort of your own home is one thing -- prancing around in public with the words "Juicy" stamped across your ass is a whole 'nother story. Wear your tracksuit wisely.


Everything Drew Barrymore. We're pretty much addicted to all things rom-com, but we're sick of these gorgeous Hollywood ladies trying to play sad and desperate like they're Just Like Us (we're lookin' at YOU, Katherine Heigl). But Drew's ability to totally nail every role, not to mention every different hairdo she tries, has us hooked. Girl can go from Plain Jane to the biggest head-turner in the room, which, as we've learned from every teen makeover movie ever, is WHAT ALL WOMEN WANT.


Lisa Frank. Here's a scientific fact for all you book lovers out there: unicorns + glitter + rainbows = pure unadulterated awesome. Something about all those cuddly kittens and acid-tripping tigers can't help but put a big ol' smile on a gal's face! But don't waste too much time trying to make sense of all the psychotically happy bunnies and crazy Day-Glo colors. JUST ENJOY IT, 'KAY?


Social media. Humble bragging? Subtweeting? Stalking pics of your ex's new squeeze? Facebook may have been invented by dudes, but it was tailor-made for the ladies. Concise and emoji-friendly, social media is the outlet of choice for anyone who enjoys judging boring food snapshots or an overabundance of engagement/wedding/baby photos. Or, you know, for peeps who want to learn everything about a person without having to talk to them IRL.


Selfies. While technically unisex, selfies are predominantly popular among females and tend to commemorate significant life moments, like your 12-hour layover in London or that one time you straightened your hair. When ya got it, ya damn well better flaunt it.


Girly products. Some days you wake up feeling fresh-faced and beautiful! Sadly, said days typically end somewhere around your 22nd birthday. After that, you're pretty much reliant on cosmetics, flat irons, stretch denim and semi-annual workouts to keep from resembling a crazy cat lady. Admit it: even if you don't put a full face on every time you leave the house, it's a relief just to know you can. And FYI? It's entirely possible to be low-maintenance and still blow $300 at Bath and Body Works.


Fall. 'Tis the season...for cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and messing up your boyfriend's Fantasy Football league. Aside from the dark looming shadow of winter, this is our absolute favorite time of year. After all, when else can you enjoy a brisk morning run, break out your cutest pair of boots and go apple-picking with your gal pals all on the same A+ day? And don't you DARE forget about those mother effin' gourds...


Ryan Gosling. Requires no explanation whatsoever.


Pajama Dance Parties. Whenever it's time to pull an all-nighter, there comes a point when caffeine (and peanut M&Ms) no longer prevent you from passing out on your laptop. Enter the Pajama Dance Party! If you or your friends start drooling on a physics textbook, just jump up, scream "PAJAMA DANCE PARTY!" and proceed to dance like a crazy person until your fave Robyn song is complete. Voila! You're magically awake. Now get back to hitting the books.

+ Think we missed anything? Tell us what YOU love most about being a chick!

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