In Defense Of Jemmye: Why Can't The 'Rivals II' Underdog Catch A Break?

jemmye_blogIn a game full of vets with big-time reps, it's hard to make a name for yourself as a (relative) newbie -- especially when you're best known for your mouthy ex-boyfriend and your debilitating fear of condiments. But while Jemmye might be lacking in street cred, she's one of the fittest, feistiest girls in the "Rivals II" house. So why can't homegirl catch a break?

For a spunky Southerner who just proved she can swim like a fish, Jemmye's having a helluva time staying afloat in Casa de Rivals. In the past few weeks alone, she's been dissed and dismissed by Frank, ketchup-bombed by her ex and given 'tude by the girl fans voted trashiest in the house. But through it all, the "Real World: New Orleans" castie has kept her head up high, fought like a dog through every competition and even bonded with her former rival in the process.

Look, all's fair in love and "Rivals," but are we the ONLY ones who think Jemmye's getting a raw deal? Our advice: Don't underestimate that one. She may look like a damsel in distress, but Jemmye's got Diem's drive, Camila's fire and Cara's fight all wrapped into one. Oh, and she's also (secretly!) a smartypants jock like Emily -- back in Mississippi, girl was a star athlete AND her high school valedictorian.


Sure, Jemmye is a bit of an underdog -- but y'know what? We love ourselves a good Cinderella story. So rock on, J -- one more win and it's buh-bye Jungle, hello finals! Nothing says "Kiss my grits" like $350K burning a hole in your back pocket.

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