Danielle Fishel Flunked BuzzFeed's 'Boy Meets World' Quiz! Can You Beat Her Score?


Danielle Fishel's a stunner on the KTLA set.

Topanga's red lipstick paint job on Cory's face is a classic "Boy Meets World" moment fans will never forget, but with 158 episodes during their seven season run, recalling more specific details may not be such a cinch. The nostalgia experts over at BuzzFeed quizzed fans on the '90s sitcom yesterday, and the questions were so hard, they even stumped the starlet it made a household name.

The test, which came with a warning that it "may be the hardest 'Boy Meets World' quiz you ever take," turned out to be way too grueling for Fishel to pass. "I scored 8/18. Shameful," she tweeted. In her defense, we don't think even Feeny would approve of the difficulty level. Seriously, can you remember what Eric Matthews got on his SAT? Didn't think so!

Luckily, the embarrassment of not recalling the specifics of her adolescent years hasn't gotten Danielle down. Earlier today, she nailed a co-hosting gig on Cali's KTLA morning news show, during which "BMW" trivia was kept to a minimum.

+ Take the quiz, and let us know how you did!

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Photo: Danielle Fishel's Instagram