See 'Challenge' Tough Girl Diem Brown Be Transformed Into A Goddess For The 2013 VMAs


Diem sorts through a plethora of jewelry options inside Alicia's E! office/dressing room.

Over the years, Diem Brown has cultivated a notable career as an entertainment reporter, but at tonight's VMAs, she won't be working the red carpet -- she'll be walking it, and looking like a supermodel while doing so. The rough-and-tumble "Challenge" vet, who's currently kicking some major ass in "Rivals II," is attending her first-ever awards show as a glammed-up guest, and she invited us to to get ready with her and her BFF, E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles, earlier today for the big event.

While the ladies looked pretty flawless before Alicia's hair and makeup team went to work, the final result was nothing short of perfection. Diem, positively beaming as she peeped her reflection in the mirror, could have passed for a modern day Charlie's Angel! Once self-conscious about leaving the house without her wig on, the two-time cancer survivor has learned to embrace her short hair, and it was obvious by the giant grin on her face that she's feeling more confidant and beautiful than ever. Check out the before and after pics, and watch our video interview with Diem!


Diem picked out a stylish white jumper for the occasion.


The glam squad works their magic.


Diem is startled by how GORGEOUS she looks!


Old friends (and roomies!) share a sisterly hug.



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