So, Angelina Pivarnick Is Going To Become An Actress Now... [Photos]


Angelina Pivarnick switches up her guidette look to suit her new thespian aspirations.

"Jersey Shore" exile Angelina Pivarnick has a wide range of talents, like putting out heavily auto-tuned singles and letting garbage bags double as luggage (innovation!), but we'd say s**t-starting pretty much tops her list of extracurricular activities. That's why we weren't surprised to see the drama queen Instagramming up a storm this week about her latest hobby: acting! Evidently, she's been taking classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in New York City, and to get into character for her Serious Acting Student role, Angie 2.0 has even traded in her contacts for a pair of nerd frames. "Wore my glasses all day. Not like me," she captioned the selfie above. But what will her club friends back home in Staten Island think of her new alt lifestyle?

Hopefully Angelina's theatrical venture works out better than her Kickstarter campaign from earlier this year, when she tried (and failed) to raise funds for her own reality show. Perhaps she'll give TV another go once she learns the art of the mascara tear...if it can even be taught. That, or she could just follow in that other Angelina's footsteps and adopt a horde of orphaned children from around the world. Either way, we wait with bated breath for her big screen debut. Summer blockbuster 2014!


Angie studies the craft through creepin'.

UPDATE: We have received word(s) on Twitter and in the comments section from a friend of Angelina that she did, in fact, raise the money to fund her reality TV show. We're looking forward to learning more about the project and seeing the finished product.

Thank you, Jeffrey Shydlowsky, for the correction. Our intention was not to make Angelina look bad, but to cover her latest endeavor. We'll make sure not to write about her again, if that is her wish.

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Photo: Angelina Pivarnick's Instagram