Wow, Some 'Catfish' Fans Are Really Into Nev And Max [Photo]


Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But here's a scribbled love note. So call me, maybe?

Everyone's favorite "Catfish" studs are trudging away as we type, still in the thick of filming Season 2, and it's exactly that kind of dedication to helping solve online love mysteries that has turned Nev and Max into celebrities in their own right. In the last few months, we've noticed an uptick in Belieber-levels of fandom for the detective duo, and just this morning, a few girls decided to stalk like it was 1995 and leave some notes -- literal, hand-written notes -- on the guys' car dashboard. An act which Nev immediately deemed Instagrammable.

"McHenry, IL has the best fans. Thanks for the creepy notes on our car ladies...we love you too!" Nev wrote. Always the gentleman!

Now, we've seen some intense superfan comments for Nev and Max before ("I absolutely love love you and not in a creepy way" and "NEVER SHAVE" come to mind), but we gotta hand it to these three gals: They really went for it. One of the ladies was even so bold to ask the duo out for a drink! But we're not judging -- whether it's their intellectual motel room powwows or the combined power of their chest hair, we totally understand why anyone would want to stage a meet and greet with them. Just a word of caution: We noticed one note was suspiciously penned by a blonde named Taylor. Be careful hanging around with the likes of her, boys, because ya may end up on the wrong end of a love song.

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Photo: Nev Schulman's Instagram