Is Mike 'The Miz' Helping Derrick Kosinski Prep His Kid To Be The Next 'Challenge' Great? [Photos]


The perfect gift for the up-and-coming Challenger in your family!

Scrappy Derrick is among the most feared "Challenge" competitors of all time and routinely eliminates men twice his size, but could his kid be the person future players need to start worrying about? Recently, Derrick posted a photo of his newest purchase -- a Mike "The Miz" action figure for his son, which will no doubt unearth the little guy's fighting spirit -- to Instagram, and once we dug a little deeper, it looked as though Derrick Jr. is poised to follow in his father's competitive footsteps. We just might have the first "Challenge" dynasty on our hands!

When he's not picture-boasting about his Crossfit competitions, Derrick has been loading his Instagram account with photos of his son, who looks primed to eclipse the legacy his father left. "Can't wait til he starts rockin n rollin," Derrick wrote alongside the gym photo below, and Big D's followers seem to agree that mini Derrick is more than ready for the game. Could a "Challenge: Father/Son" edition be coming down the pike? Never say never...

Check out the photos of the game's next great competitor!


Does this kid look like he's afraid of an elimination round? Hardly.


Like father, like son. You don't want to end up on their bad sides after they've had a protein shake!

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