The Situation's Puppy Is So Cute, He Needed His Own Instagram Account [Photos]


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino cuddles his furry friend, Moses.

While MVP was the ultimate wingman trio on "Jersey Shore," Mike "The Situation" is trying out something new these days, recently trading in his boys, Vinny and Pauly, for a furrier lady killer: an adorable Golden Retriever puppy his sister gave him for his 30th birthday. In fact, Sitch decided the cute canine was such a chick magnet that he warranted his own social media account.

"Moses the puppy has his own Instagram; @KingMosely; Cool Pics ; Hilarious Comments," Mike announced via Twitter. The sleepy-eyed fluff-ball is definitely worth a follow -- who wouldn't want to see a dog watching the NBA finals (hope he's a Heat fan) or taking selfies? Moses is also into the nostalgia trend, and though it wasn't Throwback Thursday, the pup posted the above photo from when he and Sitch were just getting to know each other. "You're my dad???#wegotasituation," his paws impressively typed out. Now that deserves an extra treat!

Check out a few of Moses' best pics!


King Moses rests atop his rightful throne: his owner's bed.


Good boy!


Moses has got his selfie skills on lock.

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Photos: Moses' Instagram