There Will Be Blood! So Who Won't Survive Season 3 Of 'Teen Wolf'?


If you take up tenancy in Beacon Hills, you run the risk of croaking before your first rent check is due. "Teen Wolf" characters occasionally wind up sleeping with the fishes if they don't mind their Ps and Qs (tough break, Mrs. Argent, Matt and Gerard...), and show creator Jeff Davis has assured us that there's more bloodshed to come. In fact, we're in for a massacre.

Based on the Season 3 trailer, we have some elementary ideas as to who might get the axe (or the claw, sword, etc., etc.) when the show returns Monday, June 3. Scott's mom, for one, has a real talent for stumbling into harm's way, and might finally pay the ultimate price. Then again, it's her own son who's always at risk, and for all the gunshots, cuts and bruises he's endured, there's always a chance the next attack will be the final nail in Scott's coffin (even if he's hammering it in, himself?). Derek, too, has survived many close calls, but that rod-through-the-torso in the promo below ain't exactly a flesh wound.

And what about our beloved Stiles? Miss go-getter Lydia? While neither is as entrenched in the wolf war as some of their close friends, both find themselves in danger regularly (side note: here's hoping Peter Hale has chilled the f**k out). Will escaping by the skin of their teeth finally fail them?

+ You guys are usually the conspiracy theory experts, so tell us: Who might be approaching the end of the plank? Leave your predictions in the comments!

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