Ron Ron Juice Is Officially On The Market, Just In Time For Summer!


If there's a better way to celebrate expelling some crippling kidney stones than by enjoying your favorite cocktail, we don't know it. After spending last week in a hospital bed, Ronnie of "Jersey Shore" finally has something to smile about: His signature Ron Ron Juice mixer, which his former housemates have been enjoying for years, is officially on the market! Ron's Smush Cocktails brand has been in operation for months now, but we have a feeling this is the juggernaut that'll put him on the liquor store map for good.

"Who's been waiting for that ron_ron_juice? It's here officially for sale," Ronnie tweeted earlier this week after the product's first 125 units finally hit shelves to the delight of juicehead gorillas everywhere. According to Ron's site, the mixer is "so good, you won't even taste the trouble you're about to get into." Well, judging by the crazy antics the "Shore" crew used to get into after downing a few Solo Cups of the stuff, we're gonna go ahead and take Ron's word for it.

Will you legal folks pick up a bottle as summer approaches? Let us know how it measures up to Pauly D's Remix Cocktails!

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