The 'Girl Code' Cast Demonstrate The Universal Makeup-Application Face [GIF]


As comedienne Alice Wetterlund will tell you, any guy who claims he likes the "natural look," and then cites Kim Kardashian as an example of said look, is totally clueless about makeup. While it's not "Girl Code" that we, as women, have to wear it (there are plenty of ladies who go au naturale, like the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence), it seems to be "Code" that we all make the same ridiculous expression should we choose to paint our faces.

While the end result of a makeup sesh yields gorgeous results (that's the intention, at least), every single girl who has ever used even the most minuscule amount of mascara knows that some other-worldly force takes over whilst applying this sticky black goop. All of a sudden, the face staring back at us in our pore-magnifying mirror resembles that of a blow-up doll: eyes bugging, mouth agape. Yes, you know the one we mean -- making the mascara-application face is an involuntary action all women fall victim to. Allow the "Girl Code" ladies to demonstrate:


Now you know what we're talking about? Thought so.

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