A Little Rain Can't Ruin Leah's Beach-Themed Wedding On 'Teen Mom 2' [Sneak Peek]


Rain on your wedding day might elicit an angsty tune from Alanis Morissette, but Leah Calvert and her loved ones are not about to let an unexpected shower sour the big celebration! In this sneak peek of the next "Teen Mom 2," the whole bridal party embraces the drizzle, and sashays down the tropical aisle wearing huge smiles.

With a little creativity, Leah and Jeremy managed to bring the beach to their heavily wooded home. The ceremony takes place atop a large patch of imported sand, and everyone's enjoying the feel of the grains beneath their bare feet, but Leah's bridesmaids -- her friend, Kayla, and her sister, Victoria -- seem to be having the most fun as they boogie down the runway. Eventually, the bride emerges from a limo with both of her fathers at her side, and makes her way to her beaming hubby waiting at the altar.

With the wedding-before-the-wedding out of the way, it's time to let loose! Check out the sneak, and make sure to watch the whole celebration on Monday's all-new episode of "Teen Mom 2."

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