'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Ali Nails Her Latest Therapy Session Like A Total Champ


We often get so wrapped up in the love lives featured on "Teen Mom 2" that we forget about all the awesome things the kiddos are doing as they grow and progress into tiny people. Leah's daughter, Ali, has had some health-related struggles since birth, but in this bonus scene from last night's episode, we're treated to a glimpse at how far she's come. Way to go, Ali!

"Three weeks ago she couldn't go that far on her hands and knees," Ali's physical therapist, Kim, points out as Ali crawls through a tube to test her motor skills. "She's really picking up strength." After Ali successfully makes it to the other end, the whole room erupts with cheers. Ali's growth is definitely something to be excited about, and the positive uptick in her development has Leah second-guessing whether more meetings with Ali's geneticist are necessary. The PT prognosis is good, but Kim still thinks it's a good idea to see the doctor at least one last time, just to be safe. Either way, little Ali's getting stronger and more self-sufficient every day. You can't argue with progress!

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