'Teen Mom 2' Video Chat: Maci Asks Chelsea Your Questions While Aubree Devours A Popsicle


Last week, when we solicited questions from you for a video chat between Maci Bookout and Chelsea Houska, we were surprised to find accusations from "Teen Mom 2" fans that we didn't actually read your comments or pass them along to cast members. My dudes, that could not be further from the truth -- don't you know us by now??? Word. Is. Bond.

When we ask for your opinions, we read every last one (well, except for the hateful ones -- those instantly go the way of the delete button); when we tell you we want your feedback, we use it. Sure, we couldn't use every single question posted for Chelsea -- would you really want to watch a Q&A that lasted days? -- but in the online interview below, you'll see that Maci picked some great ones of yours to ask. So great that Aubree even wanted to chime in!

Check out the chat between Maci and Chelsea in which only YOUR questions are posed, and pay special attention to the little girl (and her rapidly melting red popsicle) totally stealing the show.

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Photo: Brendan Tobin