Jenelle Evans On Her Ke$ha Moment: 'It Was So Stupid Of Me' [Video]

It was the concert heard 'round the world. And, indisputably, the most eyebrow-raising moment from Season 3 of "Teen Mom 2." After Jenelle tried to push off jail time in order to see her idol, Ke$ha, perform live, the internet was ablaze with comments about the young mother's lack of priorities. So, not surprisingly, Dr. Drew took a moment to address the topic on last night's "Mid Season Reunion."

"Take me back to the part that has everybody gobsmacked...Ke$ha," Dr. Drew instigates in the clip below. "Oh my God!" Jenelle laughs while hanging her head in shame. "I feel SO stupid!" And though she jokes about it, her ability to recognize how ridiculous her actions were is a step in the right direction toward making rational decisions rather than impulsive ones -- something she's openly struggled with in the past. "When I look at it now, I laugh -- and I shouldn't, because it was so stupid of me." Her accountability is rather refreshing.

"[Was the concert] worth 45 days in prison?" Dr. Drew asks, to which Jenelle responds with a fervent no. Hear, hear! We are definitely headed somewhere, folks. Check out the video, and make sure to tune in for the Season 4 premiere of "Teen Mom 2" Monday at 10/9c to see just where that could be.

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