Snooki Brags About Her Baby's Netherbits: 'He's Going To Have A Good Life' [Video]

When a baby is first delivered, the doctor usually checks to make sure all of its fingers and toes are intact (at least, that's what they do in the movies), and thankfully, Lorenzo was given a clean bill of health on tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW." For boys, however, there's often a trickier examination that follows their birth, in which one small slip of the hand could have disastrous long-term effects. For the European folks out there, it's called a circumcision; or, in layman's terms, a penis snipping. (Stop giggling, we're all mature adults here.) It's every new parents' worst nightmare that the procedure will go awry, and in this "Tea Time" after show clip, Nicole shares that she was happy not to be present for it. "I was nervous for Lorenzo," she says in reference to his vulnerable weenie. (STOP LAUGHING ALREADY!) After all, wasn't she supposed to keep him away from sharp objects?

Anywho, you'll all be relieved -- but not more relieved than Snooki -- to know that Enzo's circumcision went off without a hitch. "Everything came out fine, his penis looks awesome," says Nicole in the video below. "He's going to have a good life." And so will his future wife!

We suggest you check out the clip for a laugh, then promptly erase your memory of its contents.

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