MTV's Hottest MILFs And DILFs Of 2012

MTV wouldn't be MTV without the shirtless hunks, epic fights and eyebrow-raising drama. But this year, none of those network staples were limited to spring chickens. That's right, kiddos, we were equal opportunity employers in 2012, hiring some prime choice, grade-A MILFs and DILFs to do our dirty work!

The sexy parentals came in all shapes and sizes--from badass wolf killers to suburban PTA presidents--but they all had one thing in common: HOTNESS. Take a peek at our picks for the year's top MILFs and DILFs, and keep checking back at Remote Control this week as we roll out more of our Best of 2012 lists!

MILF: Lacey Hamilton

Show: Awkward.

Jenna's mom is an undeniable MILF. Lacey may have a few strikes against her--she did, after all, write the infamous Carefrontation letter--but the former teen mom can sure work a two-piece (let’s hope the Hamilton hot tub makes a re-appearance next year)! And though Mrs. H went through a rough patch in her marriage this season, she came out the other side stronger and more self-aware than ever before.

DILF: Kevin Hamilton

Show: Awkward.

We didn't get to see much of Jenna’s padre in Season 1, but Kev sure made a strong impression on us during the show’s sophomore cycle. His DILF status is not only based on his toned torso (thanks again, Hamilton hot tub), but also on his sincerity and unconditional love for the ladies in his life. A chiseled face is great, but a man who calls his wife his "hero?" Yes, please!

DILF: Mr. Argent

Show: Teen Wolf

Scruffy face? Check. Grisly Batman voice? Check. Knows how to wield a variety of deadly weapons? Triple check. Mr. Argent is the sexiest over-35 werewolf hunter we've seen, well, ever. Allison’s dad didn't give off much of a nurturing vibe in the first season, but he sure redeemed himself this time around by portraying a much stronger father-figure and loving husband. Argent might mean "silver," but this dad is pure gold in our book.

MILF: Polly Mackenzie

Show: The Inbetweeners

We could sit here all day labeling the hottest moms and dads on MTV, but our picks mean little without a stamp of approval from a bunch of hormonal high school boys. Polly Mackenzie is the ultimate teenage boy fantasy: she’s hot, older and available. We just wish Will had forgotten his lunch at home a lot more.

DILF: Ryan

Show: Teen Mom

OK, so he's still pretty young, but he's now much wiser than his years. The original teen dad bad boy, Ryan was on our screens for over 3 years, but with all the immature name-calling we witnessed, he wasn't a DILF contender 'til recently. On the final season of the series, Maci’s ex/Bentley’s daddy grew up in ways that even we never saw coming. He filled out pretty nicely in the chest region, too.

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