'Jersey Shore' Poll: Was Ronnie Being Too Hard On Deena?

We've seen more of Deena's drunk-cry this season on "Jersey Shore" than we have of Mike's abs and Snooki's koo-kah combined. OK, so we haven't seen Snooki's snatch at all, thank goodness, but what is it with the Deenster and her constant waterworks? Granted, getting cuffed during a solo Meatball Day would make anyone cry. But the other 47 times? Unless someone forgot to flip the switch that runs her tear ducts, it might be time to buck up. We've mulled it over, and figured any number of things could be causing her to sob. Like losing her meatball-in-crime to Mommyland, leaving her first serious boyfriend at home to party at the shore (and missing him mucho) or, well, copious amounts of alcohol. Throw in a dose of your average chick hormones and we think we've found the source of Deena's distress. So, all that considered, we can kinda-sorta understand where she's coming from. There, there. *strokes Deena's hair*

Ronnie, on the other hand, was less understanding during last week's episode. He got in Deena's face, calling her out for being too self-absorbed. Whether it was blabbing about her sore butthole (TMI) or dishing on her wild smush sessions with Chris (TMI 2: Electric Boogaloo), Ron reached his boiling point. But just because she was flapping her gums about gross stuff doesn't mean it was right to yell! They fought twice, and she threatened to leave the house...twice. Thing is, everyone who flees the "Shore" for one reason or another always comes crawling back for more (minus she-who-must-not-be-named), so crying wolf ain't the solution, D. Nor is picking on your housemate when she's down, Ron. Both of them should head to the deck for a time out, or at least talk it over during a seven-course Italian meal.

+ Should Ronnie quit picking on Deena, or did she need a little tough love? Cast your vote, and catch the outcome of D's "I'm going home!" threats on tonight's all-new episode of "Jersey Shore" at 10/9c!

Was Ronnie being too hard on Deena Nicole?

  • Yes. She's just an emotional meatball going through a rough patch.
  • No. She needs to buck up and quit acting so bipolar.

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