'Teen Mom 2' Cast Reunite, Silly Photo Ops Ensue

Chelsea Houska's ready for her closeup, and the "Teen Mom 2" cast member certainly knows a thing or two about a good photo op. Last month, she tweeted a cute pic with "Teen Mom" superfan Jamie Lynn Spears. And today, she updated her Twitter feed with some silly snaps of herself posing with the other "TM2" casties, all of whom just descended upon The Big Apple to film MTV.com's weekly after show, among other things.

"New York....we have arrived," Chelsea posted along with the photos. Indulging her inner kid, Aubrey's mom did everything from sticking out her tongue with a smiling Jenelle to crossing her eyes next to Kailyn, who silently conveyed the question: "Whatchu lookin at, fool?" Lastly, mom-to-be Leah puckered her lips for her say-cheese moment--thinking of her new hubby, perhaps? Nah, this is definitely a girls-only weekend.

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Photos courtesy of @ChelseaHouska