A Little Help For Our 'Inbetweeners' Friends: On Alone Time, Keeping Your Cool And Custard Pies

Those four naive boys comprising "The Inbetweeners" are entertaining without a doubt, but sometimes you just want to throw 'em a helping hand, or the world's largest lifeboat, to rescue them from death by humiliation. Each week, we're spotlighting the guys' most embarrassing moments from the current episode, and detailing how someone a teensy bit smoother might've wiggled their way out of the situation. Consider it a service to you, dear reader, so you never have to endure the same kind of ongoing shame.

The scenario: After the mega-fail end to their assembly presentation, the gang made their way to a cooking class populated only by penis-shaped fruit and a creepy Vice Principal downing a sandwich. That is, until Carly showed up with bags and bags of food, and boyfriend Bobby in full chef's whites. Brokenhearted Simon could only wait in the wings while Carly was spoon-fed dessert, and Bobby shined yet again.

The takeaway: Good, lawd, this one's tricky, so it's a good thing we know the way out. Simon could have nudged Chef Bobby to show off with a multi-course menu for the whole club to enjoy. Prepping, cooking, plating and serving a full meal for five people is no easy task, and while Bobby was busy in the kitchen, Simon could have cozied up to Carly!

The scenario: Will goofed with his iPhone like a grandpa getting lost on Google, and accidentally posted a slew of weird Facebook statuses about Charlotte Allen when he was only trying to take a peek at her private profile. When she found out, she freaked, and never looked at our poor lovelorn suit the same way.

The takeaway: Thanks to late-night news feed checks and profile hunts, we've all done this before, and no matter which way you look at it, it blows. But, while Will chose the road less traveled--whining to his mommy while they cuddled (kinda bizarre, BTW)--he should have taken a lesson from romantic comedies and gone for for the great, grand gesture to cover his tracks. The phrases "Never met anyone like you before," "You amaze me" and "I just...think you're beautiful in every way" are as good as gold.

The scenario: Between the threesomes, orgies and various "renob" sextivities with which Jay claims to be busy every night, he confessed he's never actually experienced a wet dream.

The takeaway: First of all, eww. Second of all, dude, you just gotta set the scene for pre-sleep abstinence. Reverse-feng shui the sh** outta your bedroom and make it the ultimate non-pleasure palace! Bump crazy-loud music so that your parents get PO'd and send you to bed early. Then, it's off to dreamland...

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