'The Challenge' Spy Cam: Is Jemmye Really Over Her White 'Knight'?

"The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons" doesn't air until September 19, but Remote Control is helping you get an early look at the sheer cray that went down in Turkey via our insider Spy Cam. With former friends and rivals from past seasons of "Real World" teaming up for cash, this cycle is overflowing with romance, cutthroat competition and, of course, drama--and so is the early footage we're leaking! Check back with the blog right up until the premiere episode for exclusive access to vids showcasing the new batch of players.

When Southern firecracker Jemmye and Midwestern-bred puckhead Knight arrived in New Orleans for their season of "Real World," there was instant chemistry. The roommates--and we, too--watched as the sexual tension grew more and more intense, even though Jemmye kept swearing that Knight just wasn't her type. After what felt like forever (okay, it was only three episodes), the pair's friendship evolved into something grander, and Jemmye let Knight swoop in to take her "white boy virginity."

The mismatched lovebirds ended up dating after their season wrapped, and even shacked up in 'Nawlins for awhile, but eventually they went their separate ways. Now, reunited in Bodrum, Knight has a new gf, though he sounds ready to cheat on her with his ex at any given moment, and Jemmye's the same ol' Jemmye. See where we're going with this? These former roomies have a rich history, and that original spark between them definitely still exists in the Spy Cam video below...

+ Think Jemmye and Knight will rekindle their past romance? Check out the clip and share your predictions! (Warning: You may need to watch a few times to decipher what the very, very drunk Knight is actually trying to communicate.)

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