The Year Of The Mascara-Tear! Check Out The Best Of 'The Hills' Season 4

Having survived a burned bridge with Heidi by the skin of her teeth, Lauren Conrad spent most of "The Hills"' fourth season leaning on the shoulders of old friends and family for support. Unfortunately, some proved to be slipperier than LC had known, and by the time Heidi and Spencer [didn't] say "I do" at the season's end, Ms. Conrad had found temporary enemies in AudrinaStephanie and Brody. And when her parents high-tailed it outta her safe haven, Laguna Beach, for good, Lauren learned the hard way that sometimes, you can only rely on yourself.

Check out what happened the year Justin Bobby proved to be more than a small liability, and Lauren and Whitney said goodbye for the last time. Retro Mania's still heating up the summer, and here is the best of "The Hills" Season 4:

The [Mascara-Stained] Tears I Shed: The Lauren, Audrina and Lo household just wasn't working, and as things between the former two hadn't improved since they last addressed their shared awkwardness, they both decided it was now or never if they had any hopes for the future of their friendship. Audrina maintained Lo was the reason she and Lauren were drifting apart, but Lauren still felt slighted. Ultimately, after forming a small tide pool with their collective tears, they decided to start fresh.

Darlene vs. Spencer: It wasn't just couch-surfing Holly Montag with whom Spencer was feuding--Heidi's mother also had some choice words for the Pratt when she came to visit. Mrs. Montag had concerns that Spence had been manipulating Heidi into moving their relationship along too quickly, and wound up calling her soon-to-be son-in-law rude, condescending and hostile in transit. You don't mess with Mom!

Party-thrashing: When rumors started spreading that Stephanie hooked up with Lauren's ex, Doug, Brody was first to jump on the "I told you so" train. Brodes had never trusted Stephanie, and when he started trashing her loudly at Doug's pool party, Stephanie overheard and started crying. Lauren caught the teary Pratt and comforted her, but when Steph pulled it together and tried to apologize, LC wasn't having it.

Until We Meet Again: After paying her dues across years in the Los Angeles fashion scene, Whitney got a big-time shot in The City when Diane von Furstenberg offered her an in-house PR position at her Manhattan offices. Lauren was thrilled for her friend, but bummed she was leaving, and the two reminisced about their teenage style missteps, office adventures and how the Young Hollywood party should have outed Heidi as untrustworthy long before the sex tape rumors started running rampant.

Lauren Conrad: Maneater? This was a doozy--somehow, word spread that Lauren and JB did the nasty behind Audrina's back. Lauren was quick to deny the accusations, though, and assumed Audrina would be able to see through the gossip's absurdity. Unfortunately, Audrina had her suspicions, and when she confronted Lauren, s**t hit the fan. "You're way worse than Heidi," LC spat after Audrina wouldn't let up with the interrogation.

I do...I think: After sort-of eloping in Mexico, Heidi and Spencer had plans to legalize their marriage in the United States with a trip to the courthouse. Just before they were scheduled to appear in front of the judge, though, Stephanie, the union's witness, urged Spencer to think about the no-frills ceremony, and how Heidi had dreamed of exchanging vows in front of her family. Spencer brushed his sister off, but when it came time for him to say "I do," he couldn't, and apologized to Heidi for rushing her. He promised her the wedding of her dreams, and Heidi got teary when she saw the compassion from her fiance that he'd been lacking lately.

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