Diem Brown From 'The Challenge' Is Battling Ovarian Cancer Again

When we first met bad-ass Challenger Diem Brown, she was just a wide-eyed newbie on "Fresh Meat" with presumably no idea what she had signed up for. Sold on the competitive nature of the show, though, she went on to compete in "The Duel," where she disclosed a very personal part of her life to viewers everywhere--she was undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. It's been years since her inspiring on-screen reveal (having lost her hair, then-lover CT helped her find the courage to remove her wig), and it pains us to hear that traces of the disease have returned.

Yesterday, the brave Southern girl took to Twitter to tell her fans the unfortunate news and encourage them to be proactive about their health screenings. "My doctor just called me...and... I have Cancer again... didn't think Ovarian Cancer cld come back.. Please get internal ultrasounds/year," she wrote. Diem, who founded a registry-style charity called MedGift, has dedicated much of her time to making sure that ill patients can get help with everything from medical bills to wheelchairs, so in support of her warm and compassionate spirit, we're inviting fans to share thoughtful wishes for her speedy recovery in the comments below. We know for sure that she'll appreciate them!

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Photo: Rene Cervantes